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Rats and Mice: The Damage They Cause

When you see a mouse in a pet shop they can look cute. But, when you see a mouse or a rat running across your kitchen floor you’ll feel the chill shooting up you back. Once you realize the damage that they can cause you’ll want to take action to eliminate them. Of course, it’s also worth speaking to your local pest control experts, they can help you to find out more about other creatures in your area to be wary of.

Don’t forget that rats and mice also carry a wide array of diseases, some of which can be particularly dangerous for humans.

Building Damage

Rats and mice have strong teeth and are great at chewing or knowing on things. They chew to gain access to things and to break the material up that may be useful for their nest. If you take a look at upholstered furniture, car seats, or other soft furnishings you may find signs of gnawing, that’s the mice.

They will also tackle insulation as this is perfect to create a warm and safe nest.

All of these things can be costly in the damage they cause, you’ll have to pay to repair or replace the items.

But, of greater concern is their tendency to chew electrical cables. If they chew right through the insulation coating the bare wires will be exposed. This can lead to a spark occurring as the wires short circuit. If the fault goes undetected and the power stays on the spark could create a fire, which could be fatal for your home and even members of your family.

That’s why you should find out more about dealing with rodent issues from your local experts.

Mice and rats tend to congregate in areas that aren’t generally visible. They are fast breeders and a couple of rodents can quickly turn into a colony which will give you a significant issue. The first sign of that issue is usually after the colony has expanded and they start to search the rest of your home for food.

This is when you’ll see the odd mouse or rat scuttling across your floor. You are also likely to find a trail of urine and fecal matter. Mice do this in order to find their way back to the nest. These waste droppings can carry the bacteria from rats and mice that you’re trying to avoid.

Food Damage

Rats and mice are very intelligent and can find food almost anywhere. Because they are such good chewers they have been known to chew through plastic food containers and eat the contents, or simply leave them contaminated.

They are not generally fussy about what they eat, encouraging them to eat anything and everything they come across.

You may be surprised to learn that these rodents don’t just cause issues in the home. They also dig up and eat any crops you have planted in your garden, potentially reducing the size of your crop.

If you come across a rodent in or around your home, it’s time to tidy and call the professionals!