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Go Color in Your Backyard and Lawn: Variants of Flowers

Every owner of the private house is to solve a problem – how to make his or her backyard and lawn look neat and eye-catching. The solution is simple. You should only choose the proper flowers to plant in your garden. It’s a cool idea to add colors to the boring landscape design. If you don’t know what varieties are able to brighten your outdoors, you should consider the following 10 variants.


These flowers come in different colors. It’s up to you to pick up your favorite one. The pink, purple or violet variants look awesome. Moreover, you can add tender white samples to create contrast. The main peculiarity of the peonies is their charming aroma. These vines are able to please not only your eyes but nose as well.


This tender creature is able to make your summer garden look fantastic. The flower comes in orange, pink, rose, purple, red, yellow, and white shades. The vines have no fragrance. Females adore this fragrant plant because it has a vase life of about 2 weeks.


It’s an ideal variant if you want to create an unparalleled landscape design. The colorful foliage attracts attention. The annuals are easy to grow. You can plant them both in flower beds or pots. The last variant becomes more and more popular nowadays.


You can hardly find a gardener who doesn’t know about this warm-loving floweret. It’s possible to pick up samples that will bloom all year round. The main advantage of the vine is its ability to grow well even in the shade.


It’s a big mistake to think that daisies are only about tender white blossoming. The experienced landscapers grow colorful variations successfully. For the best bloom, you have to plant them in full sun. They keep going strong all season. It’s up to you to add vividness to your garden with the help of pink and red samples.


If your aim is to create a colorful but not flashy landscape design, you can’t do without lavender. Thanks to its delicate aroma, the floweret adds charm. The tiny buds are pretty and gentle. By the way, the lavender odor has a calming effect.


If you think that sunflowers are good only for wild nature, you are wrong. They add authentic notes to your garden. Yet, you should be careful with sunflowers. They are able to deplete the soil.


These flowers are the perfect choice for the north temperate zone. Small vines attract attention although they are simple. It’s possible to meet buttercups in forests and fields. Yet, if you decide to plant this floweret in your garden, you should buy the seeds in the shops while some wild variations may contain toxic elements.


Nobody can resist the beauty of these vines. It’s possible to combine them with any other plants. The bright colors make your garden magnificent.


The tall flower spikes have all chances to become the main attraction of your garden. You get not only the bright vines but awesome odor.

If you want to make your landscape design perfect, you should not only pick up proper plants but get rid of weeds. The chemicals will kill the beauty of your flowerets in no time. One of the most effective ways to prevent weeding without hurting the plants is to use landscape fabric. It’s easy to be installed and it saves time, energy, and money.