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How to Make French Provincial Furniture Look Modern

French Provincial style furniture refers to the furniture that was popular in the French Provinces during the late 17th and early 18th Century. Pieces of this style tend to have a rural quality to them, echoing the charm of the French countryside. Due to its rich aesthetic roots, this style can be hard to combine with more modern pieces in a contemporary home.


The simplest way to update any furniture is to paint it. This is a good way to test out any trending colors that you may be tempted by, adding a modern effect. If you love the shape but the color feels too outdated, coat it in a clean white to make the piece less visually imposing to its space.

If you really want to reinvent your French Provincial furniture, you can buy some painting stencils or go freehand for some truly unique artistic expression. Whichever direction you choose to take, a fresh coat of paint is bound to update any furniture in your home.

Hardware Upholstery

For more DIY reinventions, consider updating your French Provincial pieces’ hardware and upholstery. Replacing the hardware with contemporary metals can transform a dresser or tallboy, try a copper for a truly modern twist.

Reupholstering is slightly more time consuming however, the effects are fantastic. You can reinvent a classic piece by upholstering it in an accent color, or with an interesting modern textile for some interesting contrast.

Decorative Accents

Sometimes, you don’t want to actually alter the piece of furniture itself. Instead you can change what you’re placing on top of it! Maybe you have beautiful French Provincial bedside units or dressers? Switch up the accessories – it’ll make a world of difference.

Reinventing a look can sometimes be as simple as adding an interesting and contemporary vase or small sculptural item. For a more ambient touch, wrap a few strings of fairy lights around a vanity’s edges. To stay on trend why not introduce some plants onto your furniture for a striking greenery corner in your home.

Modern Mix

Maybe you like the eclectic look? If this is the case, then mix in your French Provincial items in with your other up-to-date furniture. This is a very easy option for shedding some new light on older pieces. Contrast tends to bring out the beauty in the differences between two opposing styles and adds some real personality to your home. If you like a warm, relaxed feel then you can be as free and explorative as you please. If you’re more minimalist then just introduce one Provincial piece into the room, keep it in the same color range for a refined look.
Whatever your style, it’s easy to modernise the furniture that you already have in your home. Whether you’re completely changing a piece or you’ve simply moved it from one side of the room to the other, have fun with reinventing your old or new French Provincial furniture today.