A Quick Guide To The Essential Smoker Accessories

If you’ve kept up with the cannabis concentrate market over the last few years, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that dabbing is now one of the most popular extraction methods. Alongside other types of concentrate like shatter, butane hash oil and rosin, dabbing products often exceed 90% THC concentration which naturally attracts many cannabis users.

While most people who are serious about dabbing will purchase a dedicated dab rig, this kind of extraction is also accessible to inexperienced smokers as you turn a bong into a handy kit as well. But with so many different bits and pieces to use when dabbing, it can be hard to know what makes sense for your needs. Check out this quick guide to the must-have smoker accessories for the absolute best dabbing experience.

Wax Dabbers

Wax dabbers might seem like basic accessories, but most smokers can’t get by without one. Typically made from glass or stainless steel, these long objects have a pointed end to easily collect a dab of cannabis concentrate and place it on the heated surface of your rig. 

As the surface of the banger or nail is super hot, wax dabbers are the best smoker accessories to avoid coating your hands in nasty burns. With dabbing tools coming with the full range of tips, including scoops, blades and flat edges, pick one that feels most comfortable so you can dab safely without making a mess.

Quartz Nails

When dabbing, you often have to choose between quartz or titanium nails. But there are some interesting differences that you should know. For example, choosing a nail made from quartz is a top priority for those who want the cleanest taste possible. With quartz used to produce laboratory equipment, you can be sure that you’re getting as close to the real flavour as possible. 

Quartz also heats up incredibly quickly so it can be a convenient tool to have on-hand if you’re smoking on the move. However, you should keep in mind that quartz is a relatively fragile material. So, if you tend to be a bit clumsy when dabbing, perhaps a more robust titanium nail is for you.

Titanium Nails

Titanium nails function in practically the same way as those made from quartz, but there are a few subtle changes. Although titanium nails are slower to reach peak temperature, they provide much longer heat retention, making them suitable for those who are settling in for a long night of smoking as they can be quickly reheated.

Another thing that makes titanium nails must-have smoker accessories is that they come in adjustable sizes. This means you can use your titanium nails on any kind of dabbing rig you choose, rather than getting frustrated when you don’t have the right-sized nail.

Glass Adapters

Don’t forget to have a selection of glass adapters in your kit of smoker accessories. As bongs and dabbing kits each have a specific type of connection, you will likely need a glass adapter to ensure you can use your tool whenever you want. With adapters available in male to female, female to female, and male to male, if you’re the kind of smoker who loves their customisable accessories, you can’t live without a glass adapter.