Women's Fashion

Various Types of Skirts – Styling Tips for All

No woman’s wardrobe is complete unless she has a skirt. A timeless piece, the skirt has lasted throughout history and is arguably one of the most powerful and long-lasting fashion pieces. In the modern age, we’re lucky to be surrounded by a huge variety of styles, with different lengths, colours and cuts to choose from. But sometimes it can be hard to style skirts when there are so many options – what looks good with one skirt may look completely different from another. So here are some ways to style various types of skirts below and help make your outfit picking much easier:

Long Skirt

Long skirts come back into fashion every few decades, and this time they’re back and better than ever. Suitable for casual or more formal events, long skirts are the definition of effortless dressing. Wear a bold patterned skirt like this Putting on the Ritz Skirt from Flannel and make a bold fashion statement, or go the other way and pair a more neutral skirt with a brighter top. Pair long skirts with a crop top for balance or have your longer t-shirts or tops tucked in. For outerwear pair a cropped denim jacket in order to show off your waist.

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts have been in fashion since the ’50s with its slimming silhouettes making it a popular fashion choice for women. In recent years the pencil skirt has become the staple in office wear for women due to its chic look and knee-length. Pair this look with a looser blouse tucked in in order to balance your top and bottom. Otherwise a tight long sleeve or short sleeve top also pairs really nicely to create a sleek ensemble.

Skater Skirt

Becoming popular in the early 2010s, with the skater skirts flattering shape and cinched waist, this skirt is made to accentuate the female figure. Because of the skirts slowly shape, a tighter top will work the best to create balance. This skirt can also be easily layered and made work appropriate with a blouse and blazer as well. Those who are braver can even rock this skirt during winter with stockings and boots.

A-Line Skirt

A-line skirts are great for those with smaller hips, giving the illusion of a smaller waist and wider hips in order to help create the illusion of an hourglass figure. A simple leather a-line skirt like Flannel’s Uptown Skirt is a work-appropriate a-line skirt, letting you look chic and stylish. This skirt pairs well with both flowy and body-con tops, so you’re never short on outfits.

Denim Skirt

Much like it’s longer counterpart, denim skirts are also a symbol of casual wear. Everyone can rock a denim skirt no matter your age, it’s a skirt that looks good on everyone who puts one on. Pair this classic bottom with a plain white t-shirt for an easy off-duty look or with a fitted high neck jumper for a more sophisticated look. Because of the classic style and material of denim, the skirt lends itself easily to whatever pairing you choose.

Mini Skirt

Mini skirts have been the skirt of choice for the youth, but nowadays this is slowly changing with older women rocking the length and showing off their legs. For a skirt that can be worn during the day try Marrakech Tube Skirt. Taking inspiration from the old-school rah-rah skirts, this flowy piece is the perfect beach outfit attire. Transition this piece from day to night effortlessly by changing your tee to a shirt, and your sneakers to heels.