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How to Housetrain Your New Puppy

So, you’ve just brought a new puppy back from the shelter and you’re looking forward to introducing them to your home and family.At first, it’s all joyful excitement and big smiles, but very quickly you’ll need to realize that as a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to properly rear and train your new puppy pal.

You may be asking yourself where you need to start. This is a normal question for a first-time puppy owner. You’ll want to begin with toilet training and move on from there, but in reality, there are many aspects that make for a well-trained puppy.

Toilet Training

If you’re retired, or you have someone who is constantly at home, it can be easy to make sure your dog is getting the proper amount of outside time. However, most of us don’t live in such a reality, and managing your puppy’s peeing habits early in the relationship will be a key to enjoying proper routines in the future.

If your puppy can’t get outside, or you live in a condo without access to the yard, you can train your puppy to use commercial pee-pads until they learn only to go outside. Certain pee-pads are made from 100% natural grass, whose look and feel and smell will convince your dog that he’s really outside. Your four-legged pal will gravitate towards these pee-pads by instinct, saving your carpets and furniture from an unwanted shower.

If you live in a condo and have access to a balcony, you can also invest in an outdoor porch potty for your dog that gets them out of the house even when you can’t.

How to Command Your Dog

Your dog will quickly need to learn how to obey your commands. Every day should be spent giving some commands to your dog, which will start a routine that they will quickly get used to. Praise them when they follow a command, but ignore them if they fail. Over time, the bond will develop and they will start to understand exactly what you’re asking for.

Learning commands doesn’t all need to be disciplinary, either. Puppy training is actually a great way to develop a bond with your furry new bud. When you and your dog learn a new trick together, there can be a real sense of shared achievement. Just remember to have patience and to celebrate your puppy’s achievements with treats, pats, and other positive reinforcement.

You can start by simply teaching your dog to sit. Not only will this simple exercise strengthen your bond with your dog, but it will also give your puppy a proper outlet for their pent-up energy. With the right positive reinforcement, training your puppy can feel to them a lot like play time.

Here’s how you do it. Command the dog with a simple word:‘sit’. If at first your dog doesn’t respond, which he likely will not, push his rear end down to the floor. Repeat that a few times and then offer a treat. Eventually, your dog will come to understand that lowering its rear end to the ground means receiving positive reinforcement in the form of food. This is how you begin the cycle. Continue practicing, and the dog will eventually sit on the first command, and you will even eventually be able to add more tricks into your repertoire.

Sticking to a Routine

It’s important that you stick to a strict routine in order that your puppy learns how to be clean in the house, and also begins to understand what behaviours are considered out of bounds. Whatever strategies you employ to train your pup, stick to them. Once your puppy grows to anticipate training and play on a regular basis, they will be happy to continue.