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5 Tips to Vape Properly

Individuals who are new to the vaping industry find it difficult to vape in the most appropriate manner. They tend to get a little disappointed with their first experience because they forget that a vaporizer is not a cigarette. When you know how to use the vaporizer properly, you will be able to enjoy the entire experience. Here are a few tips to help you vape in the right manner.

1. Choose the right liquid

You have to choose between VG and PG e-liquids. It can be a tedious process finding the liquid which works best for you. VG will deliver high vapor when exhaling and PG will give you a strong and intense flavor with a powerful hit. You can choose from the wide variety of liquids on Vape Nitro. You can only choose one through experimentation. You need to try both and find out which works the best for you.

2. The primer puff

An e-cigarette works through a heated coil and a primer puff works as a catalyst to kick start the vape session. This puff is carried out by holding the button for a couple of seconds before you slowly inhale for about 2 to 3 seconds. This ensures that the evaporation starts correctly.

3. Do you inhale vape?

E-cigarettes are different from traditional cigarettes and they do not need to be inhaled. Nicotine can be absorbed through the soft tissue inside the mouth and will not have to be inhaled. You can absorb the same amount of nicotine without inhaling.

4. Should you take short or long drags?

In a normal cigarette, short drags are very effective but in a vaporizer, you need to take a long drag. A short drag will not allow adequate liquid through the heating element and will leave you unsatisfied. If you are a beginner, do not try long drags straightaway and choose the right type of device for your use. You can read DaVinci IQ Review and then make a buying decision. The type of vaporizer will make a huge difference to your satisfaction.

5. Inhale properly

Beginners are always wondering how they can inhale vape properly. You need to take about 3-7 draws on the vaporizer before you hold the vapor in your mouth for a couple of seconds. Once done, you can either exhale directly or inhale the vapor into your lungs. If you want a lung-hit, you need to remember that a traditional cigarette will deliver it within 8 seconds but a vaporizer will take 30 seconds for the same.

If you want to enjoy another session, you will have to wait for a couple of minutes and allow the device to cool down. Although there is no particular right or wrong way of vaping, you need to keep these tips in mind so as to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience at all times. Do not rush the process, enjoy the clouds and flavor every time you inhale.

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