Packing For your Toddler’s First Ski Trip

Taking your little ones skiing is a truly magical and formative experience for you and your children. Memories out on the slopes will last your whole family a lifetime, and its never too early to introduce a hunger for adventure to your kids! However, taking younger ones out into the snow does take that extra little bit of preparation. By properly packing, you’ll be sure that your youngsters are safe, warm and happy whilst they explore the great, wintery outdoors! Read on for a complete guide to packing for your toddler’s first ski trip:

What to pack for your toddler?


This is undoubtedly one of the more key items to stash in your toddler’s suitcase. Shop around for a protective, warming snowsuit that’s good quality. Although it can be a little painful investing in a piece that you know your child will grow out of, it’s incredibly important. Feel free to find a suit that’s one or two sizes up, once they’re padded with all the thermal and warming gear, they’ll fill it out just fine!


This one depends on whether you’re planning on renting any gear. A helmet is a perfect investment if you’re planning on heading to the slopes on a regular or semi-often basis, however, do feel free to rent one if you’re unsure. Skipping this step will save some space in that suitcase.


Chances are, your toddler won’t be skiing and snowboarding on their first snow trip, right? More likely, they’ll be padding around in all that powder, delighted by the exciting and new environment that’s in front of them. Because of this, insulated snowshoes are even more essential than you might think. Find a pair that laces up past the ankle to keep their sensitive skin protected all day long.


Hunt for a wrap-around pair of goggles or glasses. By nature, your toddler will want to be pretty rough and tumble, so finding pieces that’ll stay on no matter what is very important.


Keep your toddler’s head as warm as possible for your whole trip, whether you’re sledding, skiing, playing or exploring, they need to be wearing a hat. Search for a merino wool blend to keep them nice and toasty. Feel free to find a colourful and playful hat, this will make them easier to spot on the slopes!


Tiny thermals are a must. You can find some that are at a great value to keep your whole family safe.


Pack a few pairs of thick, woollen socks to keep the chill at bay. A sock dryer is also a great bit of tech that should you consider indulging in, it’ll dry your gear out quickly and minimise the damp feet chill that we all know far too well.

Casual Clothes and Pyjamas

Remember to bring some chill-out clothes and thermal pyjamas for the apres and downtime.

Mittens and Gloves

Double layering is always a good idea, especially in sub-zero conditions. Your trip is going to be chilly, and the last thing you want is to put your child at risk of illness, so taking extra precautions is going to be wise. Find some wool mittens and some tough, protective gloves to keep those precious hands happy!

Neck Warmer

Protect every inch of your toddler in the snow, including their neck! A thermal neck warmer will add an extra layer of safety.


You’ll need to apply the same diligence to your baby’s skin that you would on a tropical beachside getaway, if not more. Look for factor 100 sun protection to keep their face as safe as possible from glare and sun.


Consider bringing a few extra items such as tissues, baby wipes, dried snacks, headbands and plasters. This way, you’ll be prepared for anything!

Kids snow gear is vital to them having an amazing time, start preparing for your trip today!