Fantastic Golf Packages by VIP Golf Austin

Golfing is a great way to spend someone’s free time, and it can get enjoyable. The United States of America contains many great and enjoyable courses one can visit. You may be living in Austin, TX, or want to visit the location and are wondering where to start.

Maybe you are thinking of owning one. But golfing is expensive, and you need to take time checking out the area’s prices. Luckily, you get to enjoy great packages through VIP Golf Austin like the Teravista and Avery Ranch golf courses. Texas prides itself to owning some of the top-notch golf courses in the world. The two golf course packages come with a great taste of their golf clubs. They include the following:

The Hole in One

While in Austin, TX, the Hole in One package is worth checking out if on an extended vacation or have got a lot of free time. You get guaranteed to spend the whole day golfing and relaxing with this package. Though this golf package is costly, you get offered everything necessary to make your day perfect. It includes the green and the cart fees, with no extra costs. You get to enjoy free balls to help test your driving skills as you practice on the range. You need not to worry about what to eat or drink; the package comes with free two drinking tickets and boxed lunch. At dinner time, you get served with a free delicious buffet.

The Bachelor’s Paradise

If you opt for this golfing package, you will get required to choose between the Teravista and Avery Ranch courses. The green and cart fees get incorporated in the cost. You also receive a bucket full of free balls for practice. Your stomach gets well cared of with two free tickets for drinks and a lunch box.

The Double Play

If you are searching for great golf packages through VIP Golf Austin, then you may need to consider The Double Play package. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy the two courses. Teravista and Avery Ranch courses get located near each other, and one can choose whether to enjoy them on different days or the same day. For all the golf courses near Austin TX, Teravista offers a well-rounded package for your ideal golf vacation. You also enjoy free golf balls, while the green and cart fee get included in the package. Though the package is expensive, you get to enjoy a beautiful day of golfing and socializing with friends.