How Do You Finance Your Business From a Lender?

According to an article published on, financing a business in any economic environment is a mammoth task. There is no doubt about the same. No matter whether you own a startup, a mid-sized enterprise, or simply need more funds to expand your existing business, getting finance from lenders is not as simple as it sounds. You need the required funding to sustain during an economic slump or meeting any business contingencies.

Starting your business is a good endeavor. The potential to launch a new product, shaping your future, and offering employment to people are some of the reasons why people invest in a business. At least those entrepreneurs are taking their businesses seriously and do not wish to close down operations after a couple of years.

Then, there are mundane aspects you need to address. One of which is financing your venture. Besides, you also need a rock-solid business strategy to make things moving.

Before you apply for a business loan, some of the things that you need to consider are company description, organization, market analysis, management, products or services, and promotion and sales. If you are looking to fund your business from external sources, a financial estimation and funding request require inclusion. Read on to learn how you can finance your business from a lender.

Think about factoring

It is a financing method when an enterprise sells the receivables at a reduced price and gets funds up-front. If your business’s credit score is poor, you can opt for factoring. Again, if you are in the apparel industry, where you need to procure orders long before you get payments, the factoring option is your best bet. Then, the method is expensive and businesses selling their receivables usually shell out a fee that is a portion of the total amount. For example, if you decide to pay a two percent fee to procure finance a month in advance, it is equal to a yearly interest of 24 percent.
You can opt for factoring when you have no other options left. The bad reputation and economic slumps have therefore forced many businesses to choose alternative funding options or online lenders. That is the reason why the Receivables Exchange is walking the extra mile to make factoring competitive. It lets businesses to offer their receivables to numerous factoring enterprises right away together with banks, hedge funds, and other financers. When it comes to these lenders, they would bid on the invoices that are sold together or one at a time.

Opt for microloans

If you have a poor credit history, an unfavorable credit rating or cannot get a business loan from traditional banks, it does not mean no institution will lend you money for your business. You can apply for a microloan, which is a small loan ranging from $500 to $35,000 dollars to fund your venture.

When it comes to microloans, the commercial lending banks will not bother about such small sums of money. Instead of turning to a traditional bank, you can consider lenders like or similar platforms. These lenders work differently unlike conventional banks. They would ask you for minimum documentation and approve your business loan at flexible rates and terms and conditions.

You will find numerous lenders in the USA. A few of them may charge a little higher rate of interest than traditional banks. Then, not all of them will charge you exorbitantly. That is why you should shop around for loan providers and choose the best lender that suits your financing needs.

Microloans are ideal for startups or entrepreneurs, who have a dearth of capital to fund their existing business. The financing is essential for procuring new furniture, cubicles, equipment, computers, and things like that. Therefore, if you have a startup and have limited funds, look for microloans to meet your business requirements. You will benefit from the process.

Raise funds from family and close friends

If you are planning to start a business, you can turn to your family or close friends. Then, when you take money from your loved ones, take out a small amount. In any case, you will start a small business that will not require more than $35,000 initially. Make sure that your family or friend’s financial security is not jeopardized. Once you borrow money from them, ensure that you pay off the loan on time. It will help you build trust and your family or friends will lend you money if you need it in the future.

Approach your near ones before your business plan is in place. This way, your family or friends will have some time to arrange for funds to finance your startup. Provide them with a formal financial estimation together with a proof-based assessment. It will make your loved ones realize that you have a genuine business to operate, thus eliminating the possibilities of any future unpleasantness. It will also assure your family or friends that you are taking their money seriously.

You also need to focus on the loan structure. Are you planning to offer equity to your lenders or you are taking the money as a loan and would repay as soon as possible? You should also inform your lenders that there are risks involved with any business. Let your lenders make an informed decision and then offer the loan to you if they think their money is safe.

Take out money using your credit card

You can take a credit card loan to fund your startup. Then, it is not free from risks. If you fail to repay the amount taken out, your credit score will be affected. That is why you must pay off timely every month. Avoid making just minimum payments, as that you will put you in big trouble.
If you use your credit card debt logically and responsibly, you can fund your existing business for any shortfall. It will help you improve the cash flow and once you have a stable business, you can repay the loan on time.


Now that you have these tips handy, fund your business using these methods. It will help you expand your startup and improve the bottom line.