Debt Consolidation – Why Should You Consolidate The Credit Card Debt Today?

Everyone incurs debt at some point of time in life! Sometimes, the debt takes place because a business took loan to expand the business and didn’t make ample profits to pay the loan amount properly. Also, there’s the credit card debt that most students and young professionals have been incurring.

Think about the time when you initially received your credit card! There were no issues with paying off all the monthly expenses. However, even before it could ring a bell, you realized that your credit card is maxed out and you also used other cards available to settle the payment for all the financial emergency situations. And almost abruptly you find that a manageable monthly expense gets translated into an unsorted debt amount. It is here that you should opt-in for a debt consolidation loan. And to know more on this you can check out

Are you wondering how does the debt consolidation loan work? It simply blends all the unsecured debt in a single loan amount. You need to make one payment and you need to do that within a certain time. The best advantages of the process, is that it secured your credit, minimizes the interest rate and reducing the monthly payment. And gradually you will find yourself free from all the debt that surrounds you. But sometimes there are minute risks that come in the way.

Consolidating credit card debt

You must be wondering about the ways to consolidate the credit card debt. And this is said to be a personal finance query on Google. You need to know a couple of things prior to paying the card debt and credit quicker. You need to go ahead and pay the credit card debt.

You have the choice to consolidate your overall credit card debt using a personal loan that gets termed as the credit card consolidation amount. When you opt-in for a personal loan you have the chance to consolidate the present credit card with an unsecured loan that was highly repayable in between those two and seven years and more. The personal loans usually range from $1,000 – $100,000 and it gets completely depended on the lender. However, discussed are few important clauses that you need to know.

  1. The rate of interest of the credit card needs to be more than the overall rate of interest for all your auto loans, mortgage amount and the student loans as well. Consider this for a while – When you are carrying out the credit card debt, the card’s rate of interest will become more costly than any other kinds of the consumer debt.
  2. There are many people who term the credit card debt as the variable interest debt. It means that the rate of interest is likely to alter or get modified. For example, when a company can amp up its interest rates, the credit card debt and its interest rate might go up. It indicates you will have to pay extra every month for repaying the credit card debt. On the other hand, when you opt-in for a personal loan, you leverage a fixed interest loan. Hence, you need to pay the fixed amount every month irrespective of any alterations that might happen in the rate of interests. And this can be predicted with certainty.
  3. A personal loan provides you with easy and flexible terms of repayment. When you plan to repay the credit card debt in a span of two and seven years, you might as well get a low rate of interest than the present rate of interest for your credit card. Hence, a personal loan is the best way to secure the interest expenses.

The way credit card consolidation works

You have the chance to apply for a personal loan online. And this process starts with comparing the lenders as well as the interest rates. Today, you have access to interest rates that are very low as 5.74%. The lenders will assess your credit and financial profile, comprising your income and the credit score. And this is done for deciding on the interest rate.

However, when you get a lesser interest rate than the one of your credit card debt, it might act beneficial for you from a financial stand-point. It enables you to consolidate the credit card debt. Additionally, a personal loan has the chance to get financed within a few days. The process is fast and seamless.

The amount of money you save using credit card consolidation

It is an important thought to consider and ponder on. Here’s the way you need to assess about how much to save when you consolidate the credit card debt.

For instance, let’s consider you incurred a credit card debt of $10,000 at 19% rate of interest. Also, your monthly payment is fixed to $250. When you have a very potent credit profile, if you are able to consolidate the credit card debt using a personal loan at 7% interest rate along with a three-year repayment plan, you have the chance to save a good $4,634. And this will also help you to repay the credit card debt much before.

Your interest rate can be different and your objective can be to get an interest rate less than the present rate of interest. In this situation, a rate of interest much lower than 19% will ensure that a personal loan is a better choice. If you want to make precise calculations you have the chance to resort to calculator specific to credit card consolidation. It will enable you to check the amount you can add to your savings while consolidating your credit card debt.

Staying in debt is a financially draining situation. It limits one’s activities and makes one get caught up in an endless loop of loans and repayments. Hence, it is essential to bring a certain process to this and end the cycle of debt that you’ve incurred on your credit card. The debt consolidation loan process works best as it helps you repay a loan in a focused manner and gradually come out of it. Being caught up in a credit card debt is common. If you find yourself in such a situation and want a respite, choose debt consolidation and repay your debts in one monthly payment.