5 Dream Destination Wedding Ideas

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. There is so much planning and consideration that goes into that special day. Has it been a dream of yours to get married somewhere out of the ordinary, or extravagant? Here we list 5 dream destination wedding ideas that you might want to consider.


Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands, and it is no wonder why. It is known for its rocky mountain cliffs and glorious sunset. You will find pristine beaches that look untouched – looking out to clear blue waters. For those of you who don’t fancy a beach wedding, there are other wedding options in Mykonos. There are “noisy weddings” that are authentically Greek in style, culture and food – and there are also weddings that can be themed around popular activities such as hiking.

A wedding in Mykonos is an incredibly romantic affair, and a spectacular destination for your wedding. An added bonus is, you don’t even need to change location for your honeymoon – you can stay right there. If you are thinking about this as your dream destination, you can enquire about your wedding here. This company can plan your wedding and provide you with some luxurious villas to stay in whilst you live your dream wedding.


There is something quite spectacular about Venice, and it is arguably the most romantic destination Italy has to offer. The canals, and brightly coloured buildings paint an incredibly scene – and you can enjoy some authentic Italian food and wine for your guests. There are lots of places you can get married in Venice, but an increasingly popular option is getting married on their infamous mode of transport – a gondola!
You will find lots of beautiful gardens and palaces in Venice that may be an option.

In terms of time of year to get married in Venice, the hottest months are July and August – so that tends to be the most popular. The cost depends on your location choice, the number of people you are inviting and the time of year. Just imagine how imagine your wedding pictures would look with the scenic canals in the background.


The capital of France, and the City of Love is of course a popular place to get married and has been for a long time. It remains a classic. Other than the obvious, there are so many other reasons to get married in Paris. It has fantastic architecture that you can admire and make for great photos. There are famous Parisian buildings that are known all over the world.

As well as this, you will find some of the best chefs in the world to provide you with the best French cuisine for your wedding. Of course, there is no better place to sample some fine wines and Champagne than in France, which is an added bonus. There are so many options in terms of location, you could rent a mansion, choose an open park, or you could go for something that is a little bit more cliché and get married at the Seine or the Eiffel Tower. In Paris, you can expect a truly unforgettable experience.


Maldives may be a dream wedding destination, but not many people know that you can’t actually legally marry there. That doesn’t mean you can’t create a spectacularly romantic event. There is the option to have a blessing which usually consists of a beach setting with the clear blue water and white sandy beaches.

You can also customise your wedding reception to whatever you want it to be. There are lots of beachside locations where you can enjoy a candlelit dinner if you are looking for something more intimate – or there are larger venues if you have a crowd of people coming over. An alternative option is to have your wedding in the UK but have an extra long honeymoon to mark the occasion in the Maldives.

Las Vegas

Some people may consider it tacky, but Las Vegas is a dream destination for a lot of people. It is decadent in nature, and that’s what a lot of people would like for their special day. It’s actually been named the “Marriage Capital of the World”. It could be that you want somewhere fun to elope with just you and your partner, and this is the perfect destination for just that.

As there is so much to offer in the way of entertainment, you could literally have your stag and hen do, wedding and honeymoon in one city. You can enjoy the glitz and glamour of the Vegas strip and have an amazing time. You can even make sure you get your picture taken at the famous Las Vegas sign.

If you are planning a destination wedding – then these are some of the top options to consider. They all have their own benefits and may be suited to a different types of styles and tastes.