20 Cool Short Wedding Dresses

Short Wedding Dresses – Whether you’re a bride to be or just waiting for the ring, this album’s all for you. We can’t quite explain it but at some point in your life, staring at wedding dresses all day long will become ridiculously enjoyable, you just can’t help yourself. So we’ve gathered some of best short wedding dresses out there for you to style stalk. From minis to tea-length, lace to tulle, and feathers to bows, it’s all here. These short wedding dresses are proof that short is chic and it’s here to stay. Marrying abroad, love the retro look or just prefer a shorter dress? We’ve rounded up 15 of our favourite short wedding dresses from the latest bridal collections for your enjoyment.

Short Wedding Dresses – More and more bridal designers are wising up to the short dress trend, and this season we’ve seen some truly gorgeous designs on the catwalk. This is fantastic news for brides who want to take inspiration from the full skirts and petticoats of the 1950s, or who want a more casual gown that they can keep off the sand or grass! Not sure you’re convinced? We’ve put together a short guide to the different lengths of dress available to brides who can’t stand floorsweepers. Just take a look at these beauties. This is one of the most popular lengths with both brides and designers at the moment, and one of our favourites! A tea-length gown is generally designed to fall just below the knee or mid-shin, and many of them feature a full skirt, nipped waist and fitted bodice. This makes them perfect for brides who want a retro 1950s feel to their look – just pair with a petticoat, birdcage veil and heels and you’re away.

Short Wedding Dresses – The shortest length of wedding dress available, this sassy gown ends above the knee and looks brilliant on petite brides who are worried about being swamped in a longer dress. We’ve seen a couple of designers send fabulous fashion-forward minis down the runway this season, but beware – if you’re considering a church service, you may have to check that your gown is deemed appropriate for a religious ceremony.

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