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20 Wavy Hairstyles Ideas With Pictures

Wavy Hairstyles – Are you fed up with blow-drying and straightening your unruly hair. Here are some beautiful hairstyles for you ladies who have naturally wavy or curly hair. It’s kinder to your hair not to force it into a style it’s not designed for. To achieve hair in tip top condition use plenty of moisturising shampoo and conditioner,make sure you use a serum too you want natural curls not frizz.

If you have time let your hair dry naturally just run your fingers through it a few times to separate the curls. If you need it drying quicker use a diffuser and finger dry it. Stay away from brushes and combs unless you want frizzy hair.

For those of you with naturally straight hair you could try heated rollers to achieve the curly look or if you don’t like heated rollers then there are bendy foam rollers soft enough to sleep in and kinder to your hair too.

If you don’t fancy hair rollers then try using curling tongs there are quite a few on the market that don’t cost too much. There are various kinds,the large barrel ones will give you large looser curls suitable if you are looking for a wavy hairstyle ,while the smaller barrel ones can give the spiral effect.

Then there are perms for those of you who want permanent curls. Perms are not suitable for all hair types. If your hair is very dry or has been coloured then a perm could really dry out and damage your hair resulting in very frizzy hair.

Perms these days are much kinder on the hair than they were in the past but it is advisable to find a good hairstylist who is experienced with perms,they will be able to advise you if your hair is suitable for a perm. I would never recommend doing it yourself at home.

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