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20 Best Summer Hairstyles Ideas for 2016

Summer Hairstyles – Here, I am going to show some really sweet, really hip, stylish summer Hairstyles. Not only are they HOT, but they are SO COOL. Are you BOLD enough to make a statement? Read on, and find out!

Side Braid Summer Hairstyles – Flip head upside down and spray some volumizing spray near the roots. A quick blast with the blow dryer to your roots will help set the spray. Flip hair back over and pull your hair to one side with your fingers. Begin braiding right below the ear. Secure the end with an elastic. Use fingers to smooth out any lumps on top. Pull any loose ends behind ears. Give hair a quick spritz with hair spray to set the style. You can finish it off with a headband or a hair flower on the opposite side of the braid.

Side Ponytail Summer Hairstyles – Follow the steps above for a side braid, except rather than braiding hair, just secure the elastic right near the bottom of your ear. If you would rather not see the elastic, you can pull a little chunk of hair away from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to conceal it. Wrap it tightly and secure in the elastic underneath where it can be hidden. You can use a little smoothing serum over the hair to keep it looking sleek.

If you have a few stray strands coming loose that is okay! Summer style is supposed to be easy and carefree. You can always take a curling iron to the stray strands and loosely curl them or tuck them behind your ears. Once again a headband or hair flower can easily finish off this look.

Beach Waves Summer Hairstyles – An easy way to accomplish this effortless, beachy style is to wash your hair the night before. Spray some volumizing spray near the roots and blow dry or air dry your hair to almost dry, leaving it just slightly damp helps the waves really stick. Once it is near dry, spray in a texturizing spray and then you can either braid small sections of hair all around your head or just make two pigtail french braids on each side. If you are going to do the small braids around the head just be sure that they are pretty even.

When you wake up the next morning, take out all your braids and finger comb through. You can finish it off with a light spritz of hair spray to set the waves in. Viola! It’s that easy. This style can also work after you’ve worn braids all day at the beach and you are looking for a good night-out hair do. Just take out your braids, spray in a texturizing spray and finger comb. Add a cute headband or flower for a dressier look.

Loose Pigtail Braids Summer Hairstyles – Once again we are talking braids! Flip your head over and spray in a volumizing spray. Flip your hair back over and separate in two. A modern twist would be to separate with a side part rather than right down the middle. Bring the two pieces to the front and begin braiding right under the ears. Secure ends with an elastic. The key is to keep the braids loose and the top a little messy. You want to avoid looking like a ten-year-old with too-tight, too-sleek pigtails.

You can also add hair accessories to braids to dress them up a little more. In the summertime I always like to keep a wide headband on me to keep the hair off my face either while I’m sweating or when the windows are down and may hair is flying everywhere. You can slide one of them on easily to really give that little extra to help keep your hair out of our face.

Half Up Summer Hairstyles – You want to create some volume to start, by blow drying hair upside down and spraying in some volumizing spray near the roots. Feel free to straighten the hair or let it take on it’s natural wave. Grab a section in the front right above the arches of your eyebrows, and hold this hair straight up while you backcomb. Spray a little mist of hairspray to hold the volume you’ve created on this piece. Use some bobby pins to secure this piece of hair about two inches back from your hairline. Use a brush to smooth out the hair. Finish this off with some smoothing serum.

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