Sikkim State Lotteries – Know Before You Grab A Ticket

Feeling lucky? Planning to buy the biggest lottery ticket? Before you decide to do anything, check out the Sikkim State lottery. It is run by the Sikkim state government and is very popular throughout the country. The Sikkim government has different schemes for the entire week.

For instance, the derby weekly lottery is played on every Thursday for a prize of INR 11 lakhs. The ticket will cost you only INR 50 per. Likewise, the BigWin Jackpots is another weekly lottery that is drawn on every Saturday and has a prize of INR 21 lakhs. Along with these evergreen schemes, the state government also sanctions special lotteries during the festival season and other cultural events. They make constant changes to the lotteries and bring out new lotteries all the time. The state government sanctions these lotteries for the sole purpose of generating revenue for the government. These funds are then used for the development of the state and to support other social growth schemes.

Where Can You Buy These Lotteries?

The state government has a few authorized sellers and distributors who are responsible for ticket sales. They are legal and legitimate in nature, and you can purchase tickets from them without worrying about being scammed. However, beware of unauthorized dealers and sellers who are not approved by the government.

Sikkim is one of the few states that have legalized lotteries. Other states where lotteries have legal status are Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Punjab, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, and Nagaland. These states have realized the revenue-generating a potential that lotteries hold and the new avenues of employment that they create in the state.

Measures Undertaken by the Government

The Nature of lotteries is such that it tends to attract malpractice and gives people with malicious intentions an option to gain illicit money. However, the government has undertaken several precautionary measures to ensure fair draws that are void of fraud. They are:

  • The place of drawing has strict rules that prohibit carrying machines, which can transmit an alphanumeric message, record or display visuals.
  • A High-security press is responsible for printing the tickets.
  • The press must seek clear indication and direction from the state government before the sale and supply of any tickets.
  • It is mandated that the results for the lottery must be published at least once in any National Newspaper and two regional daily papers out of which one must be an English daily newspaper. Moreover, copies of the results are shared with all marketing agents, ticket agents, and distributors.
  • The drawing machine is kept in plain sight of the viewers.
  • The distributors are mandated to maintain a record of all the tickets, which are sold or unsold. This is necessary as the government destroys the unsold tickets to prevent any malpractice.

The Winning Claim

The distributors or ticket agents pay out the winning amount. They are required to pay the amount in 90 days period. However, this is the case when the winning value is or less than INR 10,000. For any winning over INR 10,000, the winner needs to make a claim with the following:

  • A notarized affidavit claiming the ownership of the winning lottery ticket.
  • Pan card or Aadhaar Card details with three attested photographs.
  • Bank Details with a cancelled leaf.

The Sikkim state lottery is very popular, and the government keeps preserving the legitimacy of the lottery on a high priority. Hence, it is very particular about the condition of the winning ticket. You must ensure that the ticket is in its prime condition. In addition, you must sign it on the backside. If you are a lottery enthusiast in India, you may already know that the world leading platform for international lotteries- Lottoland is now coming to India. You can access a game of lottery from a single platform and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about keeping the ticket safe. Everything happens digitally and there is no chance of misplacing or damaging the allotted ticket. The entire process is easy to understand, and completely seamless.