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Most Well-Suited Directions to Place Plants in House According to Feng Shui

You may have a green thumb or not buy you simply can’t escape the charm of a little greenery in the house making your interiors look vibrant and beautiful. You may go for your pick of plants but according to the ancient art of Feng Shui, their maximum effect can be realised when kept at certain points or directions in a room. Many indoor plants are believed to bring good luck and prosperity in the house. Some balances the flow of positive energy and they all work with maximum effect when placed correctly inside the house. Feng Shui works with eight cardinal directions and how different shapes and forms impact us. So here are a few pointers which can help you to boost the energy of an area and attract happiness with the help of plants:

Entry Hall And Living Room

The gateway to your house should always be brimming with positive energy and happy vibes. To induce the aura, opt for large indoor plants close to the door. Avoid Southwest and Northeast direction in this part of the house.

Dining Room

Plants in the dining room help with financial luck of the family. If you can, place it in the South direction for the optimum outcome. Select greenery that is eye-catching and if possible, flower or fruit bearing. The size of the plant depends on the size of dining room.

Below Beam Area

The beamings are considered bad according to Feng Shui as they suppress positive Chi energy. Try to place a high plant underneath the beams to counteract for the negative energy.


According to Feng Shui, having plants in the bedroom is not the best idea unless you can place the plants far from the bed. Still, if you choose to place greenery in the bedroom, opt for a plant that carries the essence of wood among five Feng Shui elements.

Home Office

For the workspace in homes, place four cut leaf bamboos in the four corners of the room. It represents the wood element of the Feng Shui and it helps to concentrate better and improve learning.


The plants that thrive in humidity are best suited in the restrooms. Place the plants on a window sill or on the wall shelf to enhance the positive energy around the area.


It is not a good idea to place plants in the kitchen according to Feng Shui because the wood element feeds the fire element creating too much negative energy in the house which results in undesirable consequences.

If you wish to make the house lush with a little greenery, there are wide options available for indoor plants to choose from. Instead of sweating in a nursery just buy plants online for a hassle-free delivery. Plant them in their correct direction and feel the breath of fresh air in your home.