Looking for a Photo Booth for Sale? Here’s a Handy Guide

Almost everyone thinks about it, but nobody gives it a serious go. Making more money and escaping your day job is something all of us dream about.

Having your own business gives you more freedom, flexibility and a higher earning potential. Plus, you’re your own boss and you can call the shots.

In this case, literally! Starting a photo booth business is an extremely viable business solution.

Of course, it will need hard work, commitment and a willingness to learn and you will have to conquer the learning curve. But it’s certainly an option if you’re looking for one.

The reason why we recommend the photo booth business is because the demand still exceeds the supply and you can get started in no time.

Why Photo Booth Business:

  • The recent, modern style of photo booths continue to rise in popularity
  • It’s very easy to sell or buy photo booths
  • You can customize and differentiate very easily from competition
  • Photo booth rentals are now popular at a variety of events
  • If you’re already in the events industry, it is easier for you to convert customers
  • People are obsessed with photos and social media
  • It’s a great business model to scale up and grow
  • And last but not least, you can start a secondary income stream

How to get started?

Search online for a photo booth for sale and check if you can find something that fits your budget and requirements.

Remember, you need a booth that you can grow into and upgrade as technology advances. You can’t buy an entirely new unit every time trends change.

You need to look for photo booths on sale that help you bring the cost per unit down so that you earn a faster ROI and scale up.

These are the bare basics to get you started:

  • Equipment
  • Photo booth
  • Internet
  • Insurance
  • Annual business fees
  • Props and supplies
  • Software
  • Photo hosting gallery
  • Social Kiosk Software

What type of Photo Booth should you opt for?

As you might be aware, there are two main categories of photo booths:

  • Open Air
  • Enclosed booth

Open air photo booths are quite the demand now because they provide a more contemporary look. There are higher flexibility and customization, Open air photo booths can be enjoyed by individuals, couples and larger groups of people.

Of course, it all boils down to the backdrop and how wide of a lens you’ve invested in. Most photographers now prefer open-air booths because of the lighting and backdrop control.

Enclosed booths are the traditional photo booths that you see at events. You can find them at shopping malls and bowling alleys and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are ideal for smaller groups and couples.

Photo booth theme/style

Photo booth themes or styles are more about styling and appearance. Elements like colour-changing LED lights, vintage/retro themes, custom vinyl graphics, framed mirrors, old school phone-booths, campers/vans etc make your photo booth stand apart and draw attention.

Building your own photo booth

Building your own photo booth is an option many entrepreneurs consider. It’s not very expensive but it does require a great deal of research, time and effort. Here are the main components;

  • Basic photo booth
  • Camera
  • Lighting
  • Computer
  • Software
  • Printer
  • Accessories and Supplies

Buying used photo booths for sale

There isn’t much of a price difference between new and used photo booths. But if you choose this option, it’s likely that you’re purchasing an older version of your product. Some models may look like the latest version but you need to verify.
If you’re saving a decent sum, then it is actually not a bad idea to buy a used photo booth.

Buying a franchise photo booth business

One tried and tested way to get quickly started is to buy a franchise photo booth business. You are investing in a proven formula that has been tested by many people already and you don’t need to anything except to research the franchises and choose the one that fits your needs.

If owning a photo booth business is something you’ve been thinking about, then don’t procrastinate. There are enough help and resources online to get you started with a brand new career.