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Is a Panel Heater or Radiator Right for You?

Panel heaters are quick and easy heating solutions for those fast fixes in the home.

So, you’ve just moved into a house and you’ve redone your radiators. The problem is, you’ve forgotten the guest room, and soon you’ll have guests arriving for the holidays, and what’s more it’s cold outside! This calls for drastic action; you need to find a heating solution quickly and hassle free. With a thousand other things on your plate during the holidays, you want a fast and simple solution for your heating worries. That’s where the panel radiator and heater come in, easy to install radiators which are as flexible as you’ll need to be when hosting a surprisingly demanding overnight guest.

What is a panel heater?

A panel heater is a modern day heating unit which can be plugged into the mains of any room and heated up using electricity. These are often slimline models which fit onto almost any wall space and are quick to warm up, ensuring a quick burst of heat for those drafty spaces.

Flexible heating

One of the best things about a panel heater compared to a traditional radiator is that they are incredibly quick to heat up. You can turn them on and off using the monitor panel on the side, making it user friendly and intuitive to use. The quick to heat nature of the panel heater makes it the perfect last minute purchase for a house or room in need of warmth.


The panel heater is often made from aluminium, making it one of the more lightweight radiators. This means that the panel heater is quick to warm up as well, suited to short strong bursts of warmth into a room. On top of this, aluminiums lightweight nature makes it easy to install yourself, meaning less hassle and manpower.

Adaptable to any room

The subtle, often white painted nature of the panel heater makes it adaptable to any room. These are not invasive in their looks, and keep the rooms aesthetic in tact, throwing nothing off balance with its subtle white look.

Cheap to buy

Furthermore, these radiators are a great last minute solution due to their great value prices. Whilst the use of electricity may not be the most efficient on the market, these are great last minute solutions that require very little maintenance or upkeep. Whilst you may not want to use a panel heater all year round, they’re perfect for last minute hosting.


So what are the alternatives? There are some who believe that panel heaters aren’t efficient enough to maintain an energy efficient home, and whilst the truth is that the panel heater is what you make of it, there are a few other options for last minute home heating fixes.

Panel radiators

Panel radiators are little slower on the install, but are often quite lightweight. Whether you go electric or centrally heated, the panel radiator is quick to heat and subtle in its look. Go for a double panelled radiator for that extra burst of heat, especially in more drafty rooms.

Electric heaters

This less efficient method of heating a room may use a lot of electricity, but is a handy quick as a flash way of bringing more heat into a badly insulated spare room. Whilst these heaters should not be used for longer periods of time, they are an incredibly useful last resort.