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Inflatables in Your Hot Tub Gazebo

Most often than not, hot tub gazebos are for adults. They use it for all sorts of things. One day, it might be their own home spa complete with scented candles, a massage space, and even a hot tub enclosure. On another occasion, it’s used as a venue for an intimate gathering. But when is it the kids’ turn to use it? The gazebo is just as much theirs as it is for the adults, so it’s only fair if they get to use it too. Though what can kids use a hot tub gazebo for? Their own personal playground!

Now you might be thinking that a hot tub gazebo is no place for a playground, but you’re wrong. It can be a fun and safe space where you can supervise your little ones while they play their hearts out. But wouldn’t it be dangerous for all sorts of playground features to be placed inside a compact space? Not if they’re inflatable! And here are some that can work for your backyard structure too!

Classic Pool

You can never go wrong with a classic, and when it comes to inflatable playthings, nothing is more classic than a pool! If hot tubs are a hot tub gazebo fixture, why not inflatable pools? Little ones will love splashing around in them without having to directly face the intense rays of the sun. Furthermore, you’ll have an easier time looking after your kids when they’re swimming about in an enclosed space. It’ll be like you’re their lifeguard while they swim about in the inflatable pool. And the best part? When the day is done, you can just deflate it and pack it in for next summer!

Ball Pit

If you’ve ever been to one of those fast food places with playgrounds, you’ll know that a ball pit is a major favourite among little ones. And since you’re out to make your hot tub gazebo a play area for your kids, giving them a ball pit will be their wildest dreams. Though it may seem expensive and complicated, it’s far from it. All you have to do is to place an inflatable pool inside your hot tub gazebo and fill it with plastic balls. The more colourful they are, the better! For fall, instead of a water-filled pool, a ball pit can be a great alternative!

Medium-Sized Slide

No playground is complete without a slide! It’s basically the law. It’s also practically the first playground feature your kid may have experienced in his/her life. If not. then an inflatable slide in your hot tub gazebo is their best chance! The big difference is that instead of steel, your kids will feel more comfortable sliding down smooth rubber materials. They’ll be less scared, even if the slide might be high. Speaking of sizes, it’s best to go for a medium-sized inflatable slide if you’re going to place it inside your gazebo. Make sure the feature that you install provides ample space between the top part and the ceiling.

Pretend House

What kid doesn’t play house? Practically every little one loves pretending to be the master or mistress of their own abodes. And when they get to play inside a structure that’s already like a house, they’ll surely go ballistic! Make this fantasy feel more real for your creative children by buying inflatable pretend furniture and decorating your hot tub gazebo with it. From your standard chairs and tables to beds, couches, and even a toilet! Your kids will have a ball pretending to be homeowners, and maybe even decorate their “homes” the way they like it to be! And they’ll all remain safe while playing too!

Mini Football “Field”

Is your kid a soccer fan? If so, he/she will love it if you turn your hot tub gazebo into an indoor football field! Complete with two inflatable goal posts and a soccer ball, your little ones can play the sport till they’re tired of it! And when it’s raining outside, lif their spirits up by allowing them to still play soccer inside the gazebo! However, it’s important to note that you can only do this if your gazebo is large enough. This also works best if your gazebo is the more open kind rather than the closed variety. Either way, your kids can play soccer for as long as they like in your gazebo!

Bouncy Horsies

At some point in every kid’s life, they’ve dreamed of getting a pony. They might have seen it in movies or on the TV, but the thought of riding that four-legged creature into the free world is everyone’s fantasy, regardless of age. But of course, you wouldn’t want your little one gallivanting on these steeds, the might get hurt! So the next best thing is to give him/her his/her own inflatable horsey zoo in your hot tub gazebo. Get the ones that have wheels or the ones that move when they go up and down! You might find that after a play session or two, they wouldn’t want to go back home to your main house anymore!

Tricky Maze

Want to really challenge your kids during play time? Install an inflatable maze inside your hot tub gazebo. Make going inside your backyard structure and exciting adventure for them, one that’ll be challenging but fun to take on. You can even get creative and make it into a treasure or scavenger hunt, and whoever gets to the treasure first or collects all the needed items on the list wins! And at least, since the walls are inflatable, your kids won’t be bumping into hard concrete walls or rough shrubs. Every time they bump into the maze. they won’t feel a thing!

Royal Castle

Apart from pirates and astronauts, kids love pretending to be royalty during playtime. Whether they’re kings defending their castles or princesses waiting for their knights in shining armour, little ones love playing nobility. Now, you can make their imaginations even more realistic by placing an inflatable castle inside your hot tub gazebo. Though similar to the inflatable slides, such castles have to be proportionate to the size of the actual backyard structure! In fact, oftentimes these inflatable castles already have slides built in, so it’s a win-win situation!

Turn your hot tub gazebo into a kiddie paradise for your kids with these choice inflatables. Not only will your little ones stay safe, they’ll have a ball inside it too!