How to Fill your Prom Night with Fun

Some students say prom is an exciting and fun filled activity, and adding to the excitement is that, this occasion marks that vacation is fast approaching. The fun actually starts from picking your prom dress until the prom night itself. The said occasion gives the students the chance to practice their social skills within and outside the school premises.

Plan Ahead of Time

Being a senior student, you might be looking forward to every big event in your school especially that this would be the last year you will be staying with the school. Your prom could have been scheduled on April and as early as January, you are already shopping for a perfect prom dress, along with its accessories. Choosing a perfect dress would be so much fun that you will be trying on every dress that attracts your eyes from one store to another. There could also be a time where you wanted to take all of the prom dresses home so you can look at them thoroughly.


Most of the students would dream of riding a limousine for prom. They will do a lot of part time jobs just to hire one and if not enough, they will end up asking their parents for additional budget. Whilst these students are aiming for a limousine, here you are trying your best to look for a unique and possibly an unforgettable transportation. You might be thinking of a carriage or what other nations refer to as kalesa. Aside from being unique and fun, it is also cheaper, which is within your budget.

Wear Something Comfortable

Dress up like Cinderella whilst riding the carriage. This could be perfect meanwhile if you are not comfortable wearing a ball gown dress with high heeled shoes, you do not need to force yourself. Wear a dazzling prom dress and comfy shoes where you can feel relaxed and contented. This way, you can move freely and say your hi’s and hello’s to everyone.


One of the main reasons why prom is being held is for students to develop and practice their social skills. It is a good time to mingle with friends and schoolmates even if you are not so close. This event could bring closure to each one and on top of that you are winning more friends.


Prom is not purely about dancing but dancing is one of the highlights of the said activity. There could be a dance with your date, which some prefer to call it a romantic dance, and there are also group dances where everyone is invited to showcase their dancing skills, may it be waltz or hip-hop dance. Invite your friends and proceed to the dance floor and join the others dancing, you may end up getting tired but it will be worthwhile.


This could have already been planned, and your group would have already reserved a table for dinner at a fine dine in restaurant, where you can experience a bit of luxury, before the curfew ends. This will be enough to end a fun-filled night with your most treasured friends, after all, you have enjoyed every moment during the prom itself. Go home straight and be responsible senior students until the school year ends.