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Five Tips for New Gym-Goers Shaping Up For Summer

The number of people joining gyms around the world is on the up at the moment. Global gym revenue is thought be at around $80bn annually, with the US bringing $30bn to that total. As the number of health clubs and gyms continues to grow, it looks likely that this will only increase over time. What all gyms rely on to make this money is new members joining and paying their monthly membership fees. If you have recently joined a gym in your area, then you are a part of what is a vibrant sector.

People join gyms for many reasons, but the real spike in membership happens around January as people look to get in shape again after winter. The other big driver for people joining gyms early in the year is to give them plenty of time to get in shape for summer. If you have a holiday planned, then you will already be feeling the pressure to get that toned beach body in time. Pretty much everyone feels that they should be ripped and in good shape when they step out onto the beach.

If you are new to hitting the gym though, you might feel a bit nervous about going regularly to shape up for summer. The great news though is that there is no need to feel nervous at all! Gyms are now open, friendly places where anyone can go to get fit.

Great tips to get started in the gym for summer

Although hitting the gym needn’t fill you with worry, you should take the time as a beginner to find out how it all works. If you need some great tips on getting started in your local gym and being ready for the summer months, then the below should help:

  • Consider compression wear clothing – what you wear at the gym is key. Tommie Copper compression shirts for men are used by many male gym-goers looking to get in shape for summer. Their clever ergonomic design makes them comfy to wear when exercising, and they will help to reduce post-workout stiffness and prevent injuries. By helping to increase blood flow around your body, they will mean that you always feel ready to work out and therefore get better results in time for the hotter months. The same kind of compression wear can also be purchased for women to get the same effects.
  • Take your own towel – if you want to fit in at the gym and make friends, you need to follow the basic etiquette there. One big thing is to take your own towel to use when working out. This will allow you to wipe the machines before you use them for extra hygiene and also afterwards to show consideration to other gym-goers. Make sure to wash it when you get home!
  • Stay hydrated – making sure that you are hydrated as you work out will mean that your performance levels stay higher, so you can work out better and for longer. It will also keep you from fainting or feeling dizzy, which is naturally important. The best bet is to take your own water bottle in to sip on.
  • Take it easy at first – we all know that with summer only a few months away, the temptation is to rush your efforts at the gym. This is not a good idea though as it will only lead you to overexerting yourself and picking up injuries. This is not only painful but will also mean that you cannot work out as it heals. Instead, it is better to start off slowly and build up the weight or intensity of your exercises.
  • Take the tour – when you join a gym, you will usually be offered a tour by one of the gym employees. While many will dismiss this, it is actually worth taking up. The tour will not only show you where all the machines are and how they work, but you will also usually get a free training schedule drawn up to help get you in shape for summer.

Hit the gym now to get that summer body

If you are thinking of getting started in the gym now to get ready for summer, then you are not alone. Many people will be looking ahead to the warmer months and be keen to look their best when they finally arrive. If you are new to working out like this though, it is best to know what you are doing first. Hopefully, the above tips will not only keep you safe and help you enjoy it more, but will also show the path needed to get the results desired.