Cherish The Beautiful Moments of Life With Your Dear Ones By Presenting Flowers!

Giving a blooming and gorgeous bouquet of flower is a dateless way of framing your love and care to someone special. The practice of providing roses or mixed buds to a cherished family member or lover is an old custom that never fades its luster. Whatever the occasion, time and location are and for any purpose or any person flowers are the ideal bet for gifting. There is no other way about it, and this thing is irreversibly genuine. Even now, cultural and regional variations and flower gifting ideas exist. Hong Kong flower shop in Hong Kong has been crafting bouquets and vibrant floral arranging for the community for many years. It has been explained below that how the custom of gifting bouquets started and why it is still so potent.

What history says?

Historical accounts of presenting flowers date back centuries. From ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, almost every educated society showcased their emotions by offering beautiful and delicate bouquets. The custom continued all through the Middle Ages, a time when particular kinds of flowers were attributed a symbolic entailing. In the Victorian era, it was a regular practice to desist from conveying outward feeling. Presenting flowers was an appropriate way to frame one’s devotion, care, love or even distaste or anger. From the colors of flowers to the size, every element of flower pattern furnished significance. Today, presenting flowers is still as famous as ever.

While they can be utilized to show despair and sadness, they are most ordinarily a sign of celebration and positivity. The advanced technology, including online delivery from a flower shop and blooming of buds throughout the year, makes it very easy to be given to loved ones living near or far from you.


Although presenting bouquet is common now than it was in the past, spending time on selecting the right type of flowers with arrangements can signify your aims to the recipient. The most common reason for presenting flowers today is to express your love, which is mostly represented by giving roses. Red roses are preferred to be given as Valentine’s Day gifts. Pick light pink to signify your passion or desire, or ask for violets to ooze out an emotion of love at first sight. Pink carnations are the best choice for respecting and appreciating the efforts and dedication of mothers and grandmothers. An iris can symbolize good news and chrysanthemums and lilies can herald sincere sympathy. You can also draw motivation from a culture or heritage with local blooms.

Tropical flowers are adored in Hawaii, as they represent the local flora. You can ask for placement of bamboo hibiscus, orchids, frangipani, plumeria or birds of paradise. Making the right choice of flowers can change your impression on your dear ones for their anniversary, wedding day, Valentine’s day and for celebration. Choosing a professional florist can help you in the best possible way. You can light up any occasion with flowers through their resonance of colors and their natural fragrance-filled magnificence, they spread delight to joy for all on any time.