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Bloody Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Boo! Halloween is on its way, a perfect time to bring out the chills and thrills with a great scary makeup. However, makeup can get expensive when store bought. But, with a little makeup a few simple, easily found household items and a few inexpensive store-bought accessories, a Bloody makeup can be made at a low cost. So, move away from the traditional scary store bought makeup of devils, witches, skeletons and ghouls and try these creative ideas that are easy to make! No looking in the mirror required for this! Dress in street clothes and wear a name tag that says Hello. Add the scary effect by covering yourself in fake blood. For some more fun, add bandages and make bruises with a strike of red lip liner encircled and blended by Bloody makeup and purple eye shadow. Have a look these amazing Bloody Halloween Makeup Ideas for this year and enjoy!

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Adult Bloody Halloween Makeup

Amazing Bloody Halloween Makeup

Beautiful Bloody Halloween Makeup

Best Bloody Halloween Makeup Ideas

Best Bloody Halloween Makeup

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