7 Unique Anniversary Date Night Ideas

Its been one more year since you two got married. Ever since, the magic in the field of dreams is constantly stirring and the spark could never go out. Since, one more year of the fairy tale has been completed, the time calls for a celebration. And what could be more commemorative than the time that you two spend together on the special day.

Surely, you can have gala time with all the friends and family coming together but the charm that you two have when spending some lone quality time, it makes the time hold still. Let’s do it in some different way this year so that you could have all the romance in your heart and joy on your mind. Here are 8 unique wedding anniversary date ideas that you could try this year:

1.Breakfast and Dessert Instead of Dinner

Instead of going out for a nice dinner, try to get you hands on all day breakfast and desserts. This change would rather feel scrumptious on your taste buds and you will have a different flavour of a meal too.

2.Draw Pictures Of Each Other

Instead of buying an usual anniversary gift for wife or husband, bring out your artistic side and draw pictures of each other while enjoying food delivery from a local restaurant. How perfect those images will be, we can’t say but we promise this activity is going to bring out a lot of laughter and fun.

3.Take A Shower Together

Nothing is more intimate and loving then spend some hot, steamy moments in the shower together. It is bound to bring you two closer and will keep you blushing all day long.

4.Go For Bowling Night

Head to a local bowling bar and spend some fun filled quality time there , enjoying the bowling night. Join opposite teams, keep scores while sipping your favourite cocktail. Not only it will be a thrilling night but will also keep you on your toes with excitement. You will remember the rush even days later.

5.Make A Time Capsule Of Your Love Story

Take a fancy notebook and jolt down your love story together. Write down all the special moments including how you met, the thick and thins you went through and don’t forget to mention how much you love each other still and you would do it all over again to be with each other. Tie a ribbon on the notebook, addressing the receiver, for example, your present or future kids and keep it safely somewhere in the house. Through this time capsule, your love story will live through generations.

6.Go Camping

Ditch all the usual date night ideas and pack your bags to go camping. Closer to nature and beside your beloved spouse, this will be the adventure that you will never forget. Scout on internet for some camping tips and don’t forget to pack all the essentials. It will be thrilling experience for you two.

7.Explore A New City

Even if you are on a budget, you can always head to a nearby town and explore it inside out. Learn about the cultural differences, visit the tourist sites and enjoy the scenic beauty the town has to offer. If you have already saved up for a destination, then go around the globe and see a whole new world with your darling.

Do tell us what you did differently on your anniversary this year. We wish you loads of love for each other, forever!