30 Wrist Tattoos Design Ideas for Men and Women

One popular area that you may want to consider getting tattooed is the wrist. Wrist tattoos are very popular among both men and women. The wrist is one of the smallest areas that you can get tattooed. Even so, wrist tattoo look great on either sex. Wrist tattoos usually sport smaller sized tattoo designs. You may get your wrist tattoo design on the top of the wrist or you can wear it on the bottom of the wrist.

If you feel that you need more room, you have the entire arm to work with. In this post, we will discuss wrist tattoos and wrist tattoo designs. We will also review the advantages and disadvantages of wrist tattoo designs. In the end, we hope that you are able to leave inspired and with ideas for your own wrist tattoo design.

In this day and age, wrist tattoos are more popular then ever. Men and women all around the world are looking for the right place to get their tattoo and the wrist may just be the perfect spot. There are several advantages of having wrist tattoo. In this article, we discuss all the advantages of wrist tattoos. We will also list the most popular tattoo symbols that are chosen for wrist tattoo and hopefully you will gain a few ideas for your wrist tattoo design.

So why should you you choose a wrist tattoo? For starters, the wrist is a great place to be tattooed. The wrist is a perfect place for small tattoo designs, which is very important to women and men. Since the wrist is a small canvas of your body, it would only be logical to have a small tattoo inked there. The wrist is also a perfect area for men and women that are getting their very first tattoo. In most cases, people usually feel more comfortable with a small tattoo design for their first tattoo. The wrist is a sensitive area, but it is less painful then most areas on your body when getting tattooed

Another advantage of wrist tattoo is that they can be hidden if need be. Wrist tattoos have a certain mystique to them. Wrist tattoos can be beautiful, cute, and sexy. Although everyone wants to show off their tattoo at some time or another, there may be times when they need to be appropriately out of view. Wrist tattoos that are on the under skin can be hidden by clothing, wrist bands, or jewelry.

Wrist Tattoos Design

Wrist Tattoos 1

Wrist Tattoos 2

Wrist Tattoos 3

Wrist Tattoos 4

Wrist Tattoos 5

Wrist Tattoos 6

Wrist Tattoos 7

Wrist Tattoos 8

Wrist Tattoos 9

Wrist Tattoos 10

Wrist Tattoos 11

Wrist Tattoos 12

Wrist Tattoos 13

Wrist Tattoos 14

Wrist Tattoos 15

Wrist Tattoos 16

Wrist Tattoos 17

Wrist Tattoos 18

Wrist Tattoos 19

Wrist Tattoos 20


Wrist Tattoos 22

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Wrist Tattoos 24

Wrist Tattoos 25


Wrist Tattoos 27

Wrist Tattoos 28

Wrist Tattoos 29

Wrist Tattoos 30

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