30 Rose Tattoos Design Ideas for Men and Women

The Rose Tattoos Design is one of the top flower tattoo designs in the entire world. The Rose Tattoos Design is popular in the West culture as the Lotus is to the Eastern culture. In fact, the rose and the lotus share similar meanings in the tattoo world and in symbolism. The rose has been a symbolic symbol throughout history by several different cultures, legends, and myths. Most of us already know that the rose is a symbol of love. The rose has a few different representations.

In mythology, the rose has played a symbolic role. The ancient Greeks believed that the rose was actually first white instead of red. They believed that the goddess Aphrodite, which is the goddess of love, was poked by a thorn on the rose bush and bled on the blooms of the rose. By doing so, the white blooms turned to red. This is just one example of the many myths and legends that portray the rose.

When we look back through history, we find that the rose first had origins in ancient Persia. The rose was first grown in Persia. When the rose was first grown, the rose had a masculine look to it. But through thousands of years of evolution and cultivation, the rose was transformed into the flower we see today. In present day, the rose is linked to femininity due to its slender build.

Although roses have been popular for centuries, the rose tattoo really didn’t begin gaining popularity until the 1930s and 1940s. At this time, rose tattoos began being wore by sailors. The design began to gain popularity and the next thing you knew, they were seen on everyone. Sailors chose the rose tattoo for an honorary purpose. They often chose the tattoo to represent their girlfriend, their wife, or even their mother. Life was rough on the seas for these brave men and their rose tattoo could bring peace to them in a symbolic way.

Rose Tattoos Design

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