30 Foot Tattoos Design Ideas for Men and Women

Foot tattoos have become extremely popular, and many women are getting inked as part of a fashion statement, which includes tattoo themes like butterflies and flowers. While there are exceptions, women are by far those which who choose the foot as the place of choice to be tattooed. Some will even include a pair of heels or other footwear to complement the tattoo.

One positive thing concerning foot tattoos, is if you choose to hide it, for the most part you can, assuming you don’t mind wearing the type of hose, stocks or maybe boots that would do the job in certain social situations. That’s why many people have tattoos placed behind their ears; they can cover it up with their hair and hat if they decide to.

With tattoos being permanent, for the most part, having options and choices are an important part of the decision people make on where to have their ink placed. Finally, ink on the feet can be a great way to show off a tattoo, as when you want it to be seen, especially in a beach situation, it fits in right with the rest of the way people are dressed.

Our first look at foot tattoos will be at flowers and butterflies, among the more popular overall in that particular placement on the body. Women in particular like these, and so, as mentioned include them as a part of their fashion statement. The first one of the pink flowers is beautiful, and would go with a lot of different looks.

Butterfly Foot Tattoos: The first photo of the butterfly tattoo on top of the foot is typical of what was mentioned earlier about being able to show it if you want – or hide it. Now the one below that is an example of someone choosing to have it go further up their ankle, making it more of a challenge to hide if they needed or wanted to.

Foot Tattoos Design

Foot Tattoo 1

Foot Tattoo 2

Foot Tattoo 3

Foot Tattoo 4

Foot Tattoo 5

Foot Tattoo 6

Foot Tattoo 7

Foot Tattoo 8

Foot Tattoo 9

Foot Tattoo 10

Foot Tattoo 11

Foot Tattoo 12

Foot Tattoo 13

Foot Tattoo 14

Foot Tattoo 15

Foot Tattoo 16

Foot Tattoo 17

Foot Tattoo 18

Foot Tattoo 19

Foot Tattoo 20

Foot Tattoo 21

Foot Tattoo 22

Foot Tattoo 23

Foot Tattoo 24

Foot Tattoo 25

Foot Tattoo 26

Foot Tattoo 27

Foot Tattoo 28

Foot Tattoo 29

Foot Tattoo 30

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