30 Arm Tattoos Design Ideas for Men and Women

One of the most popular areas to get a tattoo is on the arms. Arm tattoos are very popular among men and women. You will commonly see more arm tattoos on men then women, but women sport the arm tattoo as well. When it comes to arm tattoos, there are literally thousands of possibilities. You can nearly use any tattoo style or symbol that you wish. In this post, we will discuss why men and women choose arm tattoos, popular arm tattoo symbols, popular arm tattoo styles, and several possible tattoo symbols you could use for your arm tattoo. With that said, by the end, we hope that you will pick up some ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo project.

All of us want to choose a tattoo location that can be shown when we want. Every area on your body that can be tattooed has advantages and disadvantages. Since men typically have larger arms then women, they are able to sport larger tattoo designs. Because of this, men have a larger selection of options when it comes to arm tattoos. On the downside, women usually have smaller arms, but there are still plenty of space to sport a variety of tattoo designs.

There really isn’t many disadvantages when it comes to arm tattoo. The upper arm is a popular area on the arm to get inked. The upper arm is not that sensitive to the tattoo gun, meaning that upper arm tattoos don’t hurt much. Most areas on the arm are not sevsitive, so the pain should be at a minimum. Arm tattoos can include the upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and shoulders. There are a variety of tattoo designs that may be designed in any of these areas.

Another advantage of arm tattoo is that they can be shown or hid at any given time. Everyone wants to show their body art off, but there will come a day and time that you may need to cover it up. Upper arm tattoo are usually easy to cover up, unless it is designed into the shoulders and neck. The lower portion of the arm may be more difficult to hide, especially in the summer. Even so, this simple advantage is worth noting.

Arm Tattoos Design

Arm Tattoo 1

Arm Tattoo 2

Arm Tattoo 3

Arm Tattoo 4

Arm Tattoo 5

Arm Tattoo 6

Arm Tattoo 7

Arm Tattoo 8

Arm Tattoo 9

Arm Tattoo 10

Arm Tattoo 11

Arm Tattoo 12

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Arm Tattoo 14

Arm Tattoo 15

Arm Tattoo 16

Arm Tattoo 17

Arm Tattoo 18

Arm Tattoo 19

Arm Tattoo 20

Arm Tattoo 21

Arm Tattoo 22

Arm Tattoo 23

Arm Tattoo 24

Arm Tattoo 25

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Arm Tattoo 27

Arm Tattoo 28

Arm Tattoo 29

Arm Tattoo 30

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