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25 Halloween Decorations to Make Yourself

Halloween Decorations to Make Yourself – Are you trying to think of a way to make your own Halloween decorations to have an amazing display while saving money? It is possible to make some great decorations using cheap materials – or sometimes even free! I absolutely love all kinds of arts and crafts- especially holiday crafts! I make a lot of papier mache Halloween decorations! Not just little decorations either- I make life sized decorations! This year I decided to take pictures during the process and share the instructions with you as I make three decorations.

This Halloween I am making some bones, a life sized grim reaper and a life sized witch! The coolest part about these decorations, because I had the materials laying around the house, they were completely free! I decided to make the three specific decorations above because I wanted to show you a very easy decoration (the bones), a moderately complex decoration (the Grim Reaper) and a challenging decoration (the witch). I hope that you enjoy making your own Halloween decorations!

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