22 Heart Tattoos Design Ideas for Men and Women

Heart tattoos designs are a popular choice for both women and men. Heart tattoos can be designed in several variations and styles. Heart tattoo meanings symbolize love, desire, and passion. When it comes to popular designs, tattoos of hearts are one of the superior symbols in the world. Throughout the years, the heart has been portrayed around the world and is one of the most symbolic symbols ever known. Hearts have been represented as early as the 4th century. When it comes to the history of the heart tattoo, sailors were among the first people to embrace the popular symbol.

Heart tattoo designs for men and heart tattoo designs for women commonly represent the same meanings. Hearts symbolize the same meanings as there’s no difference between male and female. You can nearly ask anyone what the heart represents and they will tell you “love”. That is correct, the heart symbol and heart tattoo most commonly represent “love” or “true love”. Even as children, we occasionally signed hearts in our letters or on our folders. When we write I love you, we write it with a heart. Even thousands of years ago, ancient cultures embraced the heart symbol and made it what it is today.

Heart tattoo variations are done in several different manners and styles. Each heart variation has different designs, symbols, and meanings. Some of the most popular heart tattoo designs variations are the pierced heart, hearts with arrows, and the Sacred Heart. Each heart variation has specific elements, symbols, and colors. Of course, they can always be altered and changed when needed, but many men and women try to keep it original. As you’ll discover, heart tattoo designs may depict the heart alone or with other symbols, such as flowers, birds, barbed wire, flames, stars, butterflies, and any other symbol you wish to add.

Heart tattoos are inked with a variety of different characters as well. Crowns, angels, Christ, wings, daggers, swords, and ribbons are all used in heart tattoos. Couples often tend to get their names inked in the designs or perhaps matching heart tattoo designs. The heart tattoo is often associated with moms as well. Early sailors commonly would get this tattoo to show love and respect to their mom. Even at this age in time, “MOM” tattoos are a very popular choice among men and women in the military.

Heart Tattoos Design

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