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Most Creative Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas For 2016

Are you tired of putting the same boring decorations on your tree year after year? Christmas is all about excitement and wonder, but few things are less exciting than a tree that is always decorated predictably in old, worn-out ornaments. Freshen up your Christmas tree this year and bring delight to your entire family by trying some of these easy and creative Christmas tree decoration ideas. They may be simple, but they are wonderfully unique and can provide hours of fun for the whole family. read more


Christmas Tree Decorations With Garland For This Year

Garland instantly adds pops of color and rich texture to trees, banisters, even mantels. These festive strands can also act as miracle workers concealing those inevitable bare spots that you swore weren’t there when you picked out the tree. Start by committing to one color palette. Choose something with depth, like a deep crimson, and then soften it up with complementary tones in pale pink, charcoal grey, and creamy ivory. As long as you stick within the same color family, you can play up the fun, unexpected factor like wrapping branches with pom poms, mittens, and mini ornaments. Here are 25 Christmas Tree Decorations With Garland For This Year. read more