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Pisces Tattoos – One of the fascinating things about tattoos and perhaps the reason that most people have them is that they are a way of showing the world a bit about yourself and your personality. It is for this reason that most people choose to have Zodiac signs like Pisces inked on them. Each person has a zodiac sign according to their birthdates, and it is believed that the sign represents and individuals personality. Although there are distinct meanings given to each zodiac sign each one of them can have varying meanings. In fact, each sign is associated with dozens of different meaning if not more and so a Pisces tattoo can have very many meanings.

According to Zodiac observers, Pisces are intuitive, and some people also claim that they have a sixth sense. People use this tattoos to show their intuitiveness especially those who believe that they have this ability on a scale that is way above normal. Having any Pisces tattoos anywhere on your body can be used to show others that you have a sixth sense or to always remind yourself of your intuitive abilities so that you can utilize them better.

Pisces are known to be self-indulgent, lazy and sometimes also insecure. These tattoos can be used to show that one has any of these characteristics, or they believe that it is in them. Although to others this might not be a positive trait, to the tattoo holder, it can be a way to remind one of this vice so that they can work to overcome it. Pisces can also mean femininity since it is considered a feminine sign. For ladies born between February 20th and March 20th, this tattoo is a good way for them to showcase their femininity.

These tattoos can also be used for religious symbolism and to show that one is torn in two directions. Fish have a strong connection with different religions with the bond being stronger with Christianity, and so this symbol can be used to portray one’s faith in Christianity. Pisces are known to go with the flow or swim in the opposite directions and most of the time you can’t tell which direction they are going. If you feel that you are being pulled in two directions, then the Pisces tattoo can be a good way to show this.

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