20 Name Tattoos Design Ideas For Men and Women

Have you been contemplating getting a name tattoo? Before you do you will want to read more about them and make your decision wisely. Name tattoos are somewhat controversial and you could easily end up with something you love and cherish or something that you end up regretting. So when you are picking a name tattoo there are a few things that you should really consider first.

Typically when people start thinking about getting a name tattoo it is because they want to honor a significant person in their life in some way. This is understandable and even honorable. Name tattoos can be a wonderful tattoo design that you will end up enjoying and be proud of for years to come. Here are some of the typical reasons people get a name tattoo.

One reason that people are motivated to get a name tattoo is to remember a lost loved one. This could be a husband, wife, child or parent that has passed away and tattooing their name might be an act of letting them go and keeping their memory alive all at the same time.

Another reason that people get name tattoos is to honor and remember an important relationship. This might be someone that you have been married to for years or a parent or grandparent that you feel very close to and you want to honor that relationship and show the world how important it is to you.

Also it is very popular among parents to get tattoos of their children’s names to honor their importance in the life of the parent. Last but not least there is also the boyfriend or girlfriend who gets a tattoo of their lover. This is so common and we all hear the horror stories associated with it. Nonetheless it is a tattoo that many people get as a way to cement or strengthen their relationship and show their dedication.

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