20 Gun Tattoos Designs Ideas

Gun Tattoos – When it comes to personal protection and defense, you can almost guarantee both with a gun in your hands. From revolvers to rifles, AK47s and vintage firearms, each features a different style yet all serve the same purpose. As a rather simple weapon, it featured a hollow bamboo tube with gunpowder to propel it’s spear forward.

Within time, the gun’s role in mankind’s world would evolve into shooting for hunting, recreation, sporting events, war and personal defense purposes. However, when it comes to the meaning and symbolism of guns, most associate them with freedom. Others, often out of ignorance or fear, believe it’s rather evil in nature. Regardless, there’s no denying the practical history of guns throughout the history of time as an advantageous tool.

Now, when it comes to tattoo designs, guns can represent an enemy who hurt them deeply. Not to mention, memories of wartime or military service too. Yet, the meaning doesn’t always have to be negative as the perceptive of guns often is. They can instead symbolize an idea of having courage or bravery times of fear. Even something so simple as a single bullet itself can serve as a positive reminder that we are given only one life.

Regardless of your take, you can still appreciate the fine artwork and designs of these top 20 best gun tattoos. From machine guns to rifles, pistols and more, discover an endless amount of rounds loaded with cool ideas.

Gun Tattoos

2016 Gun Tattoo Designs

Big Gun Tattoo Design On Side Rib

Cool Gun Tattoo Designs

Garter and Gun Tattoo

Garter Gun Tattoo Designs

Gun Tattoo Design

Gun Tattoo Designs 2016

Gun Tattoo Designs on Rib

Gun Tattoo Designs

Gun Tattoos Designs Men

Gun Tattoos

Guns and Roses Tattoo

Guns and Stars Tattoo Designs

Paint Gun Tattoo Design

Skull Gun Tattoo Designs

Superb Gun Tattoo Design For Men

tommy gun tattoo

Traditional Gun Tattoo

Vintage Gun Tattoo

Woman Gun Tattoo Designs

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