20 Elbow Tattoos Designs Ideas

Elbow Tattoos – If you are looking for a placement area for your small tattoo, then the elbow is one of the places that you should consider. The elbows work perfectly well for different tattoos designs, but circular ones will look outstanding on the elbow as it will form the center of the tattoo. Every time you move you move your hand, or you are engaged in any physical activity you can let the world see your beautiful elbow tattoo.

There are many tattoo designs available, and they vary according to theme and tattoo style. However, most of them involve designing around the circular shape of the elbow. When it comes to choosing a tattoo that will best suit you, it will all rest on your personal preferences and tastes. Understanding some of the popular types should, however, make your choice easier.

Few other types of tattoos if at all any will look better than a spider web on the elbow. What makes the spider web perfect for the elbow is the neat interlocking design and their circular shape. Besides from the aesthetic appearance the spider web also has different symbolic meanings that are more clearly brought out when inked on the elbow. One of these meanings is strength and domination that a spider has over all the animals that it preys on.

Most people choose to have their tattoos on the outer elbow and so if you want yours to look unique you can have it on the inner elbow. Unlike the outher tattoos the inner elbow ones are more concealed and so you can choose when to show it or who sees it or who does not. With this type of tattoo, you can have a simple drawing on the inner elbow or have a more complex one like the web that goes around your arm to the outer part of your elbow.

The star makes an amazing tattoo due to its shape. In this tattoo, the elbow forms the center of the star from where the five corners of the star originate from. Although a simple star will look just fine on your elbow, there are many other designs to choose from. A good example of a star tattoo design that will look amazing on your elbow is the Nautical Star tattoo. A 3D star will also look fabulous on the elbow provide you have it done by an artist that is well conversant with this types of tattoos.

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