20 Cross Tattoos Design Ideas for Men and Women

Cross Tattoos Designs – Getting tattooed continues to be a growing practice by a large number of people in a wide age range. Taking into account all ages, about 15 percent of all males in America sport tattoos, and a surprising 13 percent of all women. I would have thought the male population would have been much higher than women, but that has really started to change as a growing number of female celebrities and female tattoo stars such as Kat Von D bring the practice more mainstream for women.

Anyway, in this post I want to highlight an increasingly popular subset of tattoos – the cross tattoos. What’s amazing about the cross tattoo, is it is worn for a variety of reasons not connected to each other, but which together make it one of the more popular requests to have inked into a body.

For example, there can be Christian cross tattoos, Celtic, goth and tribal, among others. The combination of a tribal/Celtic cross below with the great lines and nice colors is a good example of how the cross can be taken and made into a unique and compelling image. Below that is a powerful portrayal of Christ with the weight of the world on His shoulders as expressed through His unsuccessful attempt to lift Himself up while it lies heavily on His body..

Cross tattoos can be displayed across all parts of the body for different effects too. I’ve seen some across the entire upper back, others on the upper shoulder area, and still others on the chest. There are some on the lower back and some on the outer bicep as well. In other words, if there’s a piece of skin available, there’s probably been a cross tattoo put there … whether male or female.

It’s astounding to see such a simple object that represents so much to a wide variety of people applied to one art form and then have artists creating an almost limitless number of designs from it. The cross tattoo with wings below could be an interpretation of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, with the resurrection being represented by the wings. Also interesting is the Gothic elements included in the tattoo design.

Cross Tattoos Design

Cross Tattoo 1

Cross Tattoo 2

Cross Tattoo 3

Cross Tattoo 4

Cross Tattoo 5

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Cross Tattoo 8

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Cross Tattoo 10

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Cross Tattoo 12

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Cross Tattoo 15

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Cross Tattoo 20

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