20 Celtic Tattoos Design Ideas For Men and Women

I have confessed to never actually having gotten a Celtic Tattoos myself. You may immediately think it strange that I write about a topic, such as tattoos, in which I have very little experience in actually obtaining. Though I have never actually found myself to be brave enough to endure the ceremonial like past time of tattooing, this is, indeed, an art form that I have come to highly respect and cherish at a distance. With his thirteen years of military service inspiring a canvas of tattoo body art, my husband has several tattoos. Among several different types of tattoos, he does have one Celtic inspired tattoo.

You may or may not be familiar with these Celtic culture is rich with symbols and designs, and these symbols have elaborate and deep meanings. When choosing a Celtic tattoo design, it’s important to understand the meanings of your choices. It would be impossible to do justice to all Celtic tattoos and meanings, so in this article I will cover a few of the most popular choices.

It’s important with any tattoo design choice to do your research and pick carefully. As a permanent part of your body, they are certainly not something to take lightly. Though there is an air of permanency behind any tattoo decision, I admit that one day I just might find myself to be brave enough to venture into an art form that is celebrated by many people from bikers, to rockers, to service members, to bold teenagers attempting to derive meaning from life and all its complexities.

Celtic Tattoos Design

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