20 Best Friend Tattoos Design Ideas for Men and Women

Best Friend Tattoos – Some friends share something. Some share special rings, or even a piece of clothing that’s embroidered with something. However some friends go one step further and get matching or complimenting tattoos. Getting a tattoo with your best friend or even somebody close to you such as a brother/sister or husband/wife can be a big decision and not one that should be taken lightly. You may end up having a falling out or getting divorced and you’ll be constantly reminded of the other person every time you see the Best Friend Tattoos.

So you’ve arrived at the decision to get your tattoo but what do you get? Well the first thing you should both be asking yourselves is ‘where’ you should get your tattoos. Some popular areas are, the neck, the hip, just above the ankle and the shoulder. This decision is crucial as the position you choose may not be suitable depending on your profession.

Some professional institutions frown upon people with tattoos and if you aren’t employed and normally work in a professional role I would suggest not getting a tattoo where it will easily be discovered such as the arm, ankle or neck. Even a tattoo on your leg could be discovered if you are not careful as many employees like to participate in games which could require you to wear shorts!

So you pick a Tattoo between the two (or more) of you and make your way to the tattoo parlor. Your friend decides to go first and gets his tattoo done and doesn’t show any fear or pain. At this point you worry that its going to hurt and your going to look like a fool!

Its important to be sure that you have a moderate resistance to pain and that the area that you are having your tattoo done on isn’t a generally sensitive part of your body. For example the skin by your armpit is generally sensitive as is the skin on the inside of your thigh. You ankle can also be a sensitive area as the bone and muscle is close to the surface.

Best Friend Tattoos Design

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