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Grim Reaper Tattoos Design Ideas

Think that grim reaper tattoos are just for gothic lovers and Halloween fanatics – think again! While death and it’s infamous messenger are essentially a seasonal part of our world, they are also a pretty common element incorporated into tattoo designs as well. Surprisingly, this tattoo is often worn by women, despite the dark and deep meaning. Most of the tattoo designs featuring the grim reaper tend to be in somber colors and considering the grim theme tends to be big in size due to the details. Though dark and lifeless, grim reaper tattoos can be quite the fascinating design element. Many of which, capture details and emotions that only this type of design element could. There are many stories and legends that talk about the appearance of the grim reaper right before death occurs. More religious people have claimed to have witnessed a reaper just before someone close to them passed away in their presence. As such, you may notice a grim reaper present in a tattoo memorial.

Grim Reaper Tattoos – Some would refer to him as the Angel of Life and Death. Undeniably, the grim reaper is the personified symbol of the dark, inescapable fact of life that is death. It wasn’t only until the 15th century when the world started re-imagining death as a skeletal figure in a long, black, hood, wielding a razor-sharp scythe. And even then, it had been feared by many due to its unpredictable nature, like a thief in the night, you’ll never know when it comes after you. With this, it has become a very popular choice for tattoos. Usually in its signature black robe, with the matching scythe, it has appeared in numerous tattoos, in different styles. Sometimes, it is also shown with an hourglass, a strong symbol for our numbered days. The grim reaper tattoo is an excellent choice for those who appreciate dark imagery and those who would want something to represent the briefness of life and what will be always waiting for us all.

Grim Reaper Tattoos

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