30 Scandinavian Christmas Decorations Ideas

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If you know me, you know that I just love the Scandinavian home decor style. Bright and clean, modern and simplistic, cozy and stylish, Scandi style is perfection all year round. My ancestry has a lot of Scandinavian heritage, so I automatically feel drawn to their way of life. I especially love the way this design trend decorates for Christmas! Natural elements, geometric and modern touches, twinkle lights and candles all aglow, Scandinavian Christmas decor just reminds me of simpler times, of cozy nights spent by the tree with loved ones, or a gray afternoon with a book in hand and a peppermint hot chocolate by the pretty glow of twinkling strands of Christmas lights. Ahhh, I get relaxed just thinking about it!

Scandinavian Christmas Decorations Ideas







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