Henna Tattoo 30

30 Henna Tattoos Design Ideas For Girls

Henna tattoos produced by painting the skin with a henna solution are generally considered to be a safe alternative to henna tattoos. Some parents are even happy to let their children have such body ornamentation. However, due to the use of dangerous additives, some henna tattoo can be associated with serious health risks, including severe allergic skin reactions, life-threatening systemic allergic reactions and even leukemia. In addition, even henna on its own can cause life-threatening destruction of red blood cells in people.

Using henna to produce elaborate decorations on the skin, an art form that is known by the term mehndi, is a long-standing tradition in Asian and Arabian countries. Traditionally it was used for ceremonial purposes such as weddings. From the 1990s, it has become increasingly popular among Westerners, both as a service offered in the West and as a tourist attraction.

Henna Tattoos Design

Henna Tattoo 1

Henna Tattoo 2

Henna Tattoo 3

Henna Tattoo 4

Henna Tattoo 5

Henna Tattoo 6

Henna Tattoo 7

Henna Tattoo 8

Henna Tattoo 9

Henna Tattoo 10

Henna Tattoo 11

Henna Tattoo 12

Henna Tattoo 13

Henna Tattoo 14

Henna Tattoo 15

Henna Tattoo 16

Henna Tattoo 17

Henna Tattoo 18

Henna Tattoo 19

Henna Tattoo 20

Henna Tattoo 21

Henna Tattoo 22

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Henna Tattoo 25

Henna Tattoo 26

Henna Tattoo 27

Henna Tattoo 28

Henna Tattoo 29

Henna Tattoo 30

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