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20 Chest Tattoos for Women Design Ideas

Chest Tattoos for Women – One popular area that women choose to get inked is on the chest. Although women more commonly get chest tattoos, men also go this route. When we look at chest tattoos, there are several different tattoo symbols and art styles that are appropriate. There also several advantages that chest tattoos offer to the wearer. In this post, we will discuss popular chest tattoo designs, advantages of the chest tattoo, and why people choose chest tattoos. In the end, hopefully you will gain some inspiration and ideas for your next tattoo project.

When it comes to choosing a tattoo location, every area on your body has advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to women, it is a different story. Because of the breast, women usually get chest tattoos on the upper part of the chest, right below the neck. All though this is with most women, some choose to get inked on the breast. In saying so, this can be extremely painful. Chest tattoos can be designed to flow to the neck, shoulders, sides, and abdomen.

Although the chest is sensitive in some parts and this can be a disadvantage, there are more advantages then negative. One great advantage of chest tattoos is that they can be shown and covered when needed. I know nobody gets a tattoo to hide. I get that, but there will come a place and time when it may be appropriate to cover up. For women, it may be more difficult. This is another reason why women get chest tattoos on the upper chest, the main reason being the size of their breast.

One more advantage of chest tattoos is the fact that this area ages much less then other areas of the body. This is true for women that get inked on the upper chest. The chest gains and loses weight much less frequently then other parts of the body, such as the sides or stomach. Now, this is not true for any woman who gets a breast tattoo. Beware, it may look great right now, but imagine it in thirty years. I wouldn’t advise any woman to get a tattoo on their breast. In the end though, it is your choice.

Chest Tattoos for Women Design

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