Red Crested Turaco

15 Beautiful Red-Crested Turaco Picture

The red-crested turaco is a turaco, a group of African near-passerines. It is a frugivorous bird endemic to western Angola. Its call sounds somewhat like a jungle monkey. The national bird of Angola is the striking, endemic red-crested turaco. The turaco itself is becoming a national icon for conservation, especially bird and forest conservation. Check these 15 Beautiful Red-Crested Turaco Picture. Also see { 25 Mother and Baby Animals Love Picture }

Red-crested turaco 1

Red-crested turaco 2

Red-crested turaco 3

Red-crested turaco 4

Red-crested turaco 5

Red-crested turaco 6

Red Crested Touraco

Red Crested Turaco


Red-crested turaco 10

Red-crested turaco 11


Red-crested turaco 13

Red-crested turaco 14

Red-crested turaco 15


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